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  Mechanical Trimmer RRR Repairs, Replaces, and even Rebuilds necessary parts for any mechanical tree trimmer.


  The engineering department at Mechanical Trimmer is dedicated to the professional development of high quality parts.  We pride ourselves on the precision, dependability, and productivity of our products.  We have engineered replacement parts for the current 57, 60, and 70 foot tree trimmers.  We have recently introduced a new design for a state of the art tree trimmer that will blow the competition out of the water. The services we provide include the following but not limited to:  
Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders
Custom Made Hoses
Boom Replacement, Repairs, and Whole on Parts
Upgrades to Winch Fairleads
On-Site Repairs
Completely Stocked Service Truck
Engine Replacement with New 5.9 Cummings Diesel Engine
Find unknown defects in parts


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